Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Journalism Update

From Journalism Coordinator, Loren Lindborg:

To update all those who are curious about the media team is up to, I am here to inform you that we're still chugging along and that while there are have been more updates as of late from the documentary crew, our student writers are working their butts off as well. Writing articles that will be posted here and in the local newspaper, our small team of intrepid journalists are currently working on a variety of pieces that will eventually coincide with the release of third and fourth videos online. With topics ranging from what makes to a good play to an analysis of role of females in the play vs. Marshallese culture, we hope to have those up and available A.S.A.P. for your reading pleasure. Till then, here's another student profile, from the prolific Jake Anni:

Here at the Marshall Islands High School, there are many students that are helping out with the play, “A Comedy of Errors.” These students have learned how to speak English very well, and learned these skills all from the play. These students aren’t just learning about speaking well and speaking out loud, they are also learning how impotrtant team work is. This play therefore is a great challenge for the students in the play. One such example would be PJ Williander. PJ Williander is an 11thgrade student. He is 18 years old and lives in Ajeltake. PJ was so shocked and excited when he first realized that he had a part in the play. In Act 1, PJ is one of the main characters in the play. PJ’s character is the Duke. In this play the Duke is a leaderor in Marshallese an "Irooj." So in the play the Irooj’s task/job is to decide who will live and who will die. PJ thinks that he has an easy part in the play, because the Duke only stands and talks.

PJ has learned two important things from the play so far. PJ has learned that teamwork is the key for the team to get along together. His motto for teamwork being, “One for all and all for one.” And he also has learned that if every member in a team gets on time (according to what the team had planned out) everything will plan out exactly on schedule. For example, if a team planned to start their activities at 9:30 AM and go back home at 4:00 PM and every member is on time, then they’ll all get to go home at exactly 4:00 PM.

The most challenging thing for PJ is memorizing his lines. So PJ made a bet with one of the directors of the play, Jessica Swale. The bet is if PJ remembers all his lines then Jessica will give him a prize, but if he doesn’t remember, then Jessica will get to use his car for a day. PJ did this so that he could force himself to memorize all his lines and never forget them.

In conclusion, if you want to know more about the play, keep on reading us at and

Yours truly,

Jake Anni

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